WISHLIST: Mario and Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story

Most awesome bunny ever

I want to play with it

I want to play with it

awesome medicine packaging

my god its beautiful. I’d enjoy drinking my medicine a bit more. Yay dieline for sharing and yay anthony cruz for making something so purty XD

Wishlist: Rubberboots

Man! Last year, and the year before, it rained really hard. My shoes got wet and my socks too and my feet were cold and blah!!!! I think its time for some rain boots. And awesome ones. Like these:

Amazon for $25

Mulan at is best.

Mulan can totally work because asian guys and asian girls can really look the same. Here’s a prime example.

Yar. Same person XD


Song Obsession: Kate Nash’s Merry Happy

I started a new station in Pandora based on Lenka’s The Show. This song popped up as the second song in the queue and WOW I LOVE THIS SONG! It instantly puts mein a cheerful and relaxed mood. If you like chicks with the piano, cheerful music, a british accent, bounciness, or whatever, you probably would like this song.

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Scary Anime Eyes

I didn’t know people do this.